Irish Peasant Farmer Ireland Clothing Photochrom Celtic Costume Photo Keltic Print Home Decor Bar Pub Poster

Irish Peasant Farmer Ireland Clothing Photochrom Celtic Costume Photo Keltic Print Home Decor Bar Pub Poster
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Product Description

The2FunAdGuyz offer a new print of a spectacular 1890s Irish photochrom (sometimes spelled photochrome) photo of a peasant farmer in Ireland, dressed in the traditional clothing of this period in Celtic history.

An Irish Farmer, smoking his pipe, is shown leaning against a house, hands hooked in his pockets. Against the wall are two of the common tools of the Irish framer—the spade and the tub. He wears the traditional short pants, frock coat, vest and top hat common among the farmers of Ireland—almost certainly donned for the photograph that would later become this photochrom. This is a magnificent piece of work and preserves the life of average Irish people in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Anyone of Irish descent or a lover of things Irish will find this a beautiful addition to their collection.

This truly magnificent photochrom print will delight collectors of either Irish Memorabilia or Celtic clothing memorabilia.

CAPTION: Irish Peasant Farmer in Traditional Irish Clothing, 1890.

PHOTOCHROM: The photochrom process was a combination of photography and lithography that started in the 1800s and was used until the development of true color photography in the 1930s. While the results can look more like a painting than a photograph, the images are striking. The photochrom (sometimes spelled photochrome in America) system was developed in Switzerland and then licensed to various companies in other countries. Detroit Publishing Company, Detroit, Michigan was the only company to be licensed in the United States. The process first took black and white photographs and hand colored the resulting print. Then, using a special series of stone plates (minimum of four and up to 14 separate stones for a single print), prints could be reproduced in larger quantities. One of the reasons the results are so spectacular is that the pigments in the inks and ingredients to process the stones came from exotic locations around the world. The results—even more than a hundred years later—give us a unique, richly colored and very intense image.

ORIGINAL MEDIA: The Detroit Publishing Co. (original name Detroit Photo Graphic Company), Detroit, Michigan, originally produced the image on which this new print is based. During the last decade of the 1800s and early 1900s they produced some of the finest photochrom images. Unfortunately, cheaper (and frequently lesser quality) printing methods spelled their demise.

PAPER QUALITY: This new print is on a highest quality, acid-free, 100-pound glossy premium text paper that allows for maximum color brilliance and fidelity for older images.

AVAILABILITY: In Stock! – Ships Within 1 Business Day of cleared payment.

Image Size: 10.5 inches wide by 16.5 inches high.

Paper Size: 11 inches wide by 17 inches high. This allows for a small border around the image for matting and framing. When matted, this format is perfect for a standard 16-inch x 20-inch frame, a manageable size for a wide variety of decorating purposes.

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DECORATING USES: Many of our customers find this poster ideal for decorating a den, recreation room, family room or game room. Of course many Irishmen or Irishwomen will consider it appropriate for any room in the house.

GIFT IDEAS: Now you know what to get your favorite Irishman or woman for St. Patrick’s Day or any other occasion. Either a collector of traditional Celtic clothing photographs or Irish memorabilia would welcome it as a gift.

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